Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saving Money Around The House, For Young Families

Saving Money Around The House, For Young Families.

Cleaning Supplies

I basically only use three things: White Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Honey. The vinegar can be used for cleaning of toilets sinks and floors and can be mixed with baking soda to make a paste (this also eliminates the odor). The paste can be used for shampoo and body wash. Vinegar can be used in place of fabric softener and will eliminate the need for dryer sheets with most materials. Baking Soda easily replaces tooth paste and deodorant and is much cheaper and healthier, use it as you would cleanser for cleaning. Honey is a good replacement for hand soap and facial soap and costs a little more but lasts much much longer and is also an antiseptic.


Make your own baby wipes, several formulas can be found online, or coupon for these and diapers. Buy bigger boxes of diapers when u find a deal or if u can handle it and have a washer and dryer, use cloth diapers.


Becoming a better cook with save you money and health because you will be able to implement leftovers and random food items into nutritious meals. Invest in some cooking training even if you can only learn from TV. Freeze, Freeze, Freeze food and invest in a food saver or similar Walmart brand food sealer so you can freeze leftovers and meat before they go bad. Invest in a food dryer so you can dry fruit, meat and vegetables before they go bad. You'll eliminate waste and allow yourself to buy fresher and cheaper fruits and veggies knowing they won't go bad.


1. Get and keep large amounts of life insurance, it does something to the brain and you will feel better about yourself and life. It is not expensive when young and will free you to live more fully.

2. Always keep 1000 in a savings account for emergencies only and only use it for emergencies. This could be called first line of defense insurance.

3. Buy good food first. No matter if you can pay your bills. You are "dissing" yourself if you put food off until the last. You can replace ruined credit, a repossessed home or car, but you can't always replace lost health. It's a mental thing. Take care of the absolute basics first thing.


Buying one quality piece of clothing can be more wise than 3 cheap pieces. Buy clothing that will last and then make it last. Become familiar with a needle and thread. If you buy cheap shoes see if it is cost efficient to replace the insoles rather than buying a new pair when they're worn down.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Raccoons on the loose

Just wanted to show a great example of urban survival. These raccoons are on top of an animal cage at the zoo. There was a mom and three babies all getting more attention than the caged animals. Well why not, right? If you're a hungry animal in the city go to the zoo!